Space Coast Dance Club is a group of friends whose goal is to share our passion for social dancing. Our mission is to dance as
often as possible and encourage others to join the fun. By supporting the dance community, we can help assure a variety of
dance venues at an affordable cost.

Space Coast Dance Club, Inc. (SCDC) is organized and operates as a nonprofit social and educational organization under the
Nonprofit Corporation Act for the purpose of preserving, studying, teaching and promoting public interest in all forms of social

Cost of Membership for this year is $30 per year. Club dues are collected for the year in January.  From July through December,
the half year membership is $15.  

The nominal cost of $30 per year can be recovered in the $4 discount on our dances,  free water and discounted special
events, making your dance dollar stretch.  

If you dance regularly in our area, or if you are new to the dance world, we welcome you to join us and share in the fun and
Space Coast Dance Club
Melbourne, Florida
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    Dances are held at: FOP, 1049 Julia Drive, Melbourne, FL  32935

    Space Coast Dance Club mailing address is:
    Space Coast Dance Club
    7777 N. Wickham Road Ste 12-701
    Melbourne, FL  32940

    Space Coast Dance Club telephone:

    Anita Dukes, President
    (321)332-4198  Voice or Text

    Ron Smith, Event Committee
    (202)664-0707   Voice or Text

    Copyright (C) 2011-2019 Space Coast Dance Club All rights reserved.
Membership Application
Print,complete,and bring or mail your 2019 Membership Application. Save time in line!
SCDC Dance Admission

**Admission for Members : $8.00 (includes lesson, snacks, soft
drinks and one bottle of water)

**Admission for Guests: $12.00 (includes snacks & soft drinks).
Bottled water available for $1.00 each.

**To become a Member of SCDC, please speak to Admission's person
at a dance
SCDC Membership Benefits

$4 Discounts on Club Dances
One free bottle of water per event
Discounts at designated dance venues and lessons
Voice in direction of SCDC

2019 SCDC Board

Anita Dukes -President

Les Cheong - Vice President

Ron Smith - Secretary

Reggie Foley - Treasurer

Steve Dandeneau - Director

Stephen Fay - Director

Joan Silvester - Director