Space Coast Dance Club
Melbourne, Florida
SCDC is pleased to welcome Michael and Carrie for their first SCDC event weekend on April 25 and 26. These dates will be their only Florida visit this year and we are pleased to offer these extraordinary lessons to our dance community. The social dance in the evening will be a fabulous all-in dance party. SCDC is very excited to play host. The weekend will include a Saturday schedule with three group workshops and a dance with Michael Kiehm and Carrie. Carrie will DJ at the dance. Private lessons will be available on Saturday and Sunday with either pro.

Michael Kiehm is known throughout the WCS world as the “Teacher's Teacher” and is widely regarded as one of the world's leading instructors and judges in a variety of dance disciplines. In WCS, he has been the mentor and inspiration for an entire generation of WCS champions.

Carrie Smith is a teacher and DJ who will have SCDC jumping all evening at the big Saturday dance. Carrie Smith has been teaching dance for over 15 years. She is based in Charlotte and enjoys a career that spans the world, most recently instructing at Euro Dance in Germany. Anyone who spends time with Carrie recognizes her love for dance, her compassion for her students and her professionalism in teaching.

Michael and Carrie are famous for their instructional videos that have spread WCS throughout the dance world and set the standard for smooth and fluid style.
April 25—Michael Kiehm and Carrie Smith
Private lessons are being scheduled now.  Michael is one of the great teachers of West Coast in the world. Carrie is a star and  fabulous teacher.

Don't miss your chance for a Private Lesson with either of these international teachers. We are currently
scheduling for both.
Call or text Ron at 202-664-0707.
Private Lessons with Michael or Carrie
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