Space Coast Dance Club
Melbourne, Florida
Country Dances at SCDC
Country Dance
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May 2019
Saturday, May 11
Country Dance With DJ Eric Franke
Dance: 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM at FOP
Lesson: 7:00 PM
Country Dances at SCDC
Dance: 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM at FOP
SCDC is hosting another great Country dance. Come and dance
to your favorite Country tunes.   We'll play Country Two-Step,
Cha Cha and Night Club Two-Step. Also expect  a mix of West
Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, some line dances and mixers.
Lesson with Kathy Brackett and Harry Mashburn. We know you
love Country dances, so wear your jeans and come spend a
wonderful evening with us.
Saturday, May 18
Country Line  Dance with Patti Leathers
Patti Leathers is an international line dance star who began
her career in Florida in the early 2000's. She moved to New
Jersey in 2006 where she created a line dance community
with classes, events and YouTube videos. She currently has
almost 5,000 YouTube subscribers reaching dancers all over
the globe. Since returning to Florida she teaches weekly in
Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach.
West Coast Swing Dance With DJ Bruce Perrotta
A few months ago we got a call from one of our Westie
club members, who said: “Bruce Perrotta has one of
the best WCS playlists I've ever heard! You have to get
him to come and DJ for us!” We are excited to host this  
multitalented Florida star in our DJ booth.   

Bruce Perrotta with his wife, Beth, are Swing
instructors, teaching frequently at Goldcoast Ballroom
in Coconut Creek.
Saturday, May 25
SCDC's first line dance event will be May 18 featuring Patti