Space Coast Dance Club Rules of Conduct
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    • The SCDC does not tolerate any form of sexual harassment (verbal or physical).

    • Teaching on the social dance floor is not appropriate. Even so called "friendly
    advice" regarding another's dancing can be hurtful.

    • Standing and talking on the dance floor takes away valuable dance space.
    Please socialize off the floor.

    • Be considerate of other dancers. Remember, West Coast Swing is considered a
    slotted dance and that we all need to share the floor.

    • It is important to try and stay in your own dance space and take smaller steps
    when necessary, especially when the floor is full.

    • Dancing brings us into others' personal space; we all need to be aware of our
    personal hygiene.

    • To avoid hurt feelings, if you refuse a dance for any reason, avoid accepting
    another invitation during the same song.

    • Flirtation is a part of dancing, but sexually suggestive dancing is bad form.

    Dress appropriately with a reasonable level of decorum.

    • Please bus your table and do not create additional work for our wonderful

    • When you have concerns, criticism or suggestions, please refrain from
    expressing these items directly toward other Club members, guests, guest dance
    instructors or guest DJ's at our Club. We are all emissaries of our goal of Good
    Will and request that these items be directed solely toward members of the
    Board of Directors so that they may be handled properly and within the policies
    of our Club and good taste.