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Kay Newhouse's Weekend Event
Two Days of Happy West Coast Swing Dancing!
April 28-29, 2018
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Kay Newhouse
Guest Instructor
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Kay Newhouse & Samir Zutshi  
New Years Dance Extravaganza 2015
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Music, movement and play--the elements of WCS that make it fun! Thanks to Kay for a wonderful weekend.
We enjoyed every minute and hope to see you at SCDC again soon.
Here are some comments about Kay that were sent
to us by Member participants:

"Lots of happy faces dancing last night! Had my
private lesson with Kay today and she was lovely
and had some good suggestions for me! Well worth
it!!! If you didn't book a lesson with her this time, do
it next time!"

"Great workshops and dance last night. Thanks to
everyone responsible for sending me home with
sore feet and a smile on my face."

"It was a WONDERFUL Dance!"
From Kay:
"You know what I love about this club? How
ready everyone is to have fun together &
take care of each other & DANCE as a way to
enjoy each others' company, with music and
movement. You are fabulous hosts, and p.s.
SO FUN TO DANCE WITH. Please keep doing
what you are doing. It is marvelous, and it
was a JOY to spend a weekend with you
amazing people. Also your weather is
awesome. Keep that up."
What a terrific weekend with Kay Newhouse. The weekend workshops were fun, engaging and very useful
to the more than forty Members and guests who participated. The workshops were designed to increase
the dancers' recognition of elements of West Coast Swing music that create opportunity for both partners
to interpret the music.
The first workshop was about finding the upbeat and downbeat. The first two beats define all the things in
West Coast: the BOOM and the TICK. We used “listen & move” exercises and worked through some applied
The second workshop was about movement. The goal of this class was to make our dancing ooze and flow
like a Westie on those slow songs. But it's not just for slow WCS--the movement mastery can apply to all
your dancing.
The final workshop applied our earlier lessons on music and movement and showed us some simple but
effective alterations to our basic WCS patterns to have FUN with a funky song and bring some partnered
play into our WCS.