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Newsletter updated on July 26

Find Out What's Happening at the Club

SCDC wants you to stay informed of all the lessons, events and dances that happen every month. Here are some channels we keep open for you, so that you can find us easily. Here are several ways for members and friends to stay in touch with the club.

SCDC has two sites on Facebook: A “Group”, Space Coast Dance Club and a “Page”, Space Coast Dance Club Events and Dances.

Space Coast Dance Club—Our Group
Thanks to Steve Dandeneau, SCDC has had a group page on Facebook for seven years. We post notifications, club activities and other information about the club and other dance groups. You will also find some interesting dance videos and comments from your friends. Many other dances are posted on this site, so If you are looking for someplace to dance, this is a great place to start.

Space Coast Dance Club Events and Dances—Our Page
The second Facebook site is “Space Coast Dance Club Events and Dances.” This site focuses on our own dances and events so that the details are easily found. Click on any event that interests you. Page down for description and schedule. You can navigate between the sites using the blue icon on the group page and the “Visit Group” button on the “Events and Dances” page. Take a look, and LIKE the page!

SCDC sends about 2 to 3 emails per month to anyone who would like to receive them. This is your invitation to join SCDC's email list, and receive advance notice of our dances and events. Members are automatically added to the email list if you gave us your email address. If you are not getting emails and would like to receive them, send your name and email address to:

Website and Newsletter
On the SCDC Website ( you can read about the club's history, goals and current club events. There are articles on the Newsletter tab, which you can access from the navigation bar at the top of the Home page. There are details about dance times, events and upcoming DJ's and instructors. This is a very good resource with up-to-date news about Board decisions, and it's always available on your device.