Club News

Les Cheong Joins SCDC Board of Directors

SCDC is pleased to announce that Les Cheong has joined the Board for 2019. Les is a long-time SCDC member and an avid West Coast Swing dancer. Les competes at the Advanced level in West Coast events across Florida and around the USA. As an SCDC member, Les has worked tirelessly for the club, especially in engineering and installing additional air conditioning for our big 2018 Summer events with John Lindo and PJ Turner. SCDC appreciates his dedication, and hard work. Les will be an invaluable member of the Board for 2019.

More Good News About Dance Lesson Opportunities at SCDC

In addition to his two scheduled SCDC workshop weekends on July 27 and August 24, Jeff Mumford will be offering three one-hour Intermediate Level WCS workshops for SCDC Members-only for Spring 2019. These one-hour small group sessions on February 9, March 9, and June 8 are open to experienced West Coast Swing members of SCDC. Jeff will also offer a limited number of private lessons on each of these dates.There are one or two private lessons still available. Space in the group class is limited, so interested members should contact Ron Smith at 202-664-0707 for reservations for the private lessons and information about the small group.

January Dances

Country Western Night With DJ Tom Pilero
January 12

SCDC kicked off the new year with a Country dance. Tom Pilero was the DJ and Kathy Brackett taught a fun line dance prior to the dance event. This was the first of ten Country dances for 2019--all of them will be PURE FUN! See you there, Partner.

Swing Night With DJ Jane Harrington
January 26

SCDC's first Swing dance in 2019 was January 26, and we started the New Year right with DJ Jane Harrington. Jane is known for her ability to play songs that delight ALL Swing lovers, and no one was disappointed. The comments we heard about her were "WOW!" "Fabulous! " and "When is she coming back!"

Happy Birthday!

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to all our members who were born in February. SCDC sends Birthday wishes to Anita Dukes, Monica Wiseman, Jerry Hargrove, Scot Glasco, William Stephenson, Karin Pepper and Melody Barnette. Have a great birthday! See you on the dance floor!

Congratulations to the Winners
The January Winners of the 50/50 drawings were Leanne Johnson at the Country Dance and Pete Brackett at the Swing dance, Congratulations to both of you. Enjoy your winnings!
2019 Guest Instructor Program

SCDC is excited to present our Guest Instructor program for 2019. Thanks to our event committee we will host this group of Florida favorites and out-of-state pros. Some are new to our club and some are long-time friends who are returning. We hope you recognize John Lindo, PJ Turner, Matt Auclair, Danielle Blouin, Jeff Mumford, and Donna Bonham-Steinfeld. Jeff Mumford, who is now a Florida resident, will be participating several times a year. There are still some openings in our schedule, and we will amend this list when we can.

If you would like a Private Lesson with any of these great teachers, please contact Ron Smith (202)664-0707, text or voice to reserve a place. We know these will fill up quickly.

February 23--John Lindo
John is returning to SCDC for another fabulous weekend event. You are going to have a wonderful time with this charming West Coast Swing Pro.

April 27--PJ Turner
Hurray! PJ Turner is back again. This is PJ's third year, and we are pleased to see him more often in Florida. He is a real, down to earth person who communicates easily with his students. He is high energy and a great dancer who brings the best from all his partners.

June 22-Matt Auclair
Six-time US Open Swing champion Matt Auclair will present three workshops and private lessons in June. He is best known for his relaxed and congenial teaching style. He loves to share his knowledge and skills with dancers everywhere, and he always has lots of fun in the process.  

June 29-Danielle Blouin
Danielle Blouin is coming to SCDC to help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary. Her Night Club Two-Step class last year was a big favorite with the club and helped make the Party special.

July 27 and August 24--Jeff Mumford
Jeff Mumford is a great friend of the Florida dance community and one of our favorite pros. SCDC is delighted that Jeff will be able to spend more time with us this year, since he has become a Florida resident. Jeff s enthusiasm and energy can light up a dance floor. When he's here, we have a long line to dance with him.

September 28-Donna Bonham-Steinfeld
Florida is very lucky to have Donna Bonham Steinfeld in our dance community. She and her partner, Shawn Swaithes, have been teaching dance and making dancers happy for over 18 years. Donna has won numerous Top Teacher awards throughout her career, teaching dancers of all ages and skill levels and turning out skilled, competent, confident dancers.

Thanks to Chip!

Many thanks to Chip, the FOP bartender who most often is in charge of the Bar/Lounge at our dances, and to all the FOP bartenders that come to our dances. Many of our members and guests enjoy the lounge and bar that the FOP has generously opened on dance nights. The prices are very attractive with a good selection.

Chip and the other bartenders are volunteers from the FOP that come to assure that we have a great time at the dances. Their support at the bar is another indication of FOP's support of our club.As always, if you prefer, you may bring your own bottle from home. SCDC supplies soft drinks.