Club News


Great thanks and credit goes to the Event Committee for organizing our volunteers and executing all the jobs, large and small, that are required for a smooth-running dance or event. Thanks to all our volunteers, and particularly to Kathy Madsen, who coordinates the volunteer crew for each dance and Workshop Event. The volunteer roster (currently 38 dancers) rotates throughout the year, so that each person supports the volunteer crew for only about a half-dozen Saturdays. Our dancers are able to enjoy a great dance experience because of the SCDC volunteers who are working behind the scenes. Our volunteers set up all the tables, chairs, decorations, and sound system. After the dance the process is reversed and everything is properly put away for next time. During the dance volunteers manage the registration desk and keep all the refreshments stocked in the kitchen. By sharing the work that goes into each dance, SCDC makes sure that all of our dancers have fun at SCDC. If you can set-up, tear-down, pick up the ice, arrange the snack trays, or otherwise help with the dances, please contact Kathy Madsen (email or any of our Board members. Ron will be glad to take your call or text at (202)664-0707. Your commitment to help with just a few dances adds up to a great experience for everyone all year long. Thanks to all of our Volunteers for making our dances so successful!

2019 IS A GREAT Year For Membership

As of the end of March SCDC has enrolled 97 Members! We are excited that so many Florida dancers have decided to become part of our club. You can still become a Member for 2019 if you haven't already. Dancers are welcome to join any time during the year. We expect that there will be some dancers who join at our PJ Turner event. The sooner you join the sooner you can get Member discounts. Member benefits begin as soon as you sign up, so you get your first discount immediately.There are always membership applications at the sign-in desk. If you would like to join the club and reduce your time in line, fill out the short member information form BEFORE you come to the next dance. Here is the link to the brief membership form. Print it, fill it out and bring it with you. PRINT MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.

The SCDC calendar includes 26 great dances and workshop events. Plus, we are adding two Line dance events--NEW this year! Dance all year as an SCDC Member and gain up to $160 in Membership benefits and discounts. Our 2019 plans include:

*An expanded Country schedule (10 dances)
*Five WCS wokshop weekends featuring National and International professionals:

*John Lindo (WCS)--HUGE SUCCESS!!
*Matt Auclair (WCS)
*Jeff Mumford (WCS) Two events

*Two outstanding club events: Anniversary Party June 29 and Christmas Party December 14
*Nine Total Swing dance parties with visiting DJs
*Lessons before some dances with Club-Favorite Florida pros. Gary Jobst in March, Drew Sinclair in April, plus Danielle Blouin and Donna Bonham-Steinfeld scheduled later this year.

SCDC Members get big savings on lots of great dancing. Membership dues for 2019 are $30 per person. That $30 investment pays back up to $160 in benefits.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to all our members who were born in April. SCDC sends Birthday wishes to Jerry Morrison, Barbara Sue Burke, Harry Mashburn, Adam Heltemes, Brian Bateman, Carl Bethea and Fran Stewart. Have a great birthday! See you on the dance floor!
Thanks to the FOP

Thanks to the FOP for opening their Bar/Lounge to the Guests and Members of SCDC during our dances. We appreciate the very attractive prices, and the support that we get from the FOP. Many of our members and guests enjoy the lounge and bar that the FOP has generously opened on dance nights.

Please check out the bar/lounge and say "Hello" to the bartender. Chip and the other bartenders are volunteers

from the FOP that come to assure that we have a great time at the dances. Their support at the bar is another indication of FOP's support of our club.

As always, if you prefer, you may bring your own bottle from home. SCDC supplies soft drinks.