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Newsletter has been updated on August 16, 2019

SCDC Board of Directors Meets Sunday September 8

The SCDC Board will meet at 2:00 PM on September 8, 2019 at the FOP, 1049 Julia Drive, Melbourne FL 32935 . Members in good standing are welcome to attend. The meeting agenda includes 1) Bylaws draft review, 2) Dance etiquette review & approval, 3) Nominating Committee update, 4) Contents of Suggestion Box, and 5) Volunteer support. Any member may petition for an item to be added to the Agenda by written request to the President ( at least seven days prior to the meeting. If the subject matter of such request is approved by the President, the matter shall be placed on the Agenda and heard at the meeting.

Lead and Get $5 off Jeff's Three Workshops August 24

Jeff's workshop series is all about “Pass and Play” interaction between Leaders and Follows. "How do I Play?" or "How do I encourage my partner to Play?" are questions we often hear from our dancers.Jeff will have some answers for you in the series on August 24. To get the series off to a great start with the room full and a balance of Leaders and Follows, we are offering a discount of $5 for anyone who dances Lead in all three workshops. Tell the Members at the desk that you want to Lead and claim your discount.

Celebrate New Year with SCDC Friends
At Floorplay Swing Vacation

There is no better New Year Party than the one at Floorplay in Orlando. Danielle Blouin-one of the event directors-has assigned SCDC the same five tables that we had last year. We had an amazing time!! Join your SCDC friends for New Year at Floorplay by contacting Ron at (202)664-0707, Voice or Text, or Facebook Message Take a look at the Website: www., and let us know if you want us to reserve a spot for you at one of our tables. You will love the experience, friends and NON-STOP FUN!

SCDC Members Join and Dance From All Of Florida

SCDC has many members who live outside of Brevard. We thought you would like to know where our members reside in the state. Many of the new faces you see are out-of-town members that join for the fun and the program. About 41% of our membership is now from outside Brevard County. We are pleased to see dancers from around the state in addition to those living in Melbourne. Thanks for being part of the club!

Half-Price Memberships $15!

Tell your Friends! 2019 Memberships are available for $15 until the end of the year.We have already enrolled several new Members at the half-year price. Member discount rates make your West Coast Workshops and all dances much more affordable. Club discounts apply as soon as you join and continue all year until 12/31/19! See the chart below to see the savings for the half-year membership. To save time, print the brief Membership form, fill it out and bring it with you to the next dance. Or, pick one up at the desk when you sign in.

Zoom Through the Sign-In Line! Exact Change Always Appreciated!

* SCDC now has a Member Line and an additional line for our Non-members and Guests. Each line helps us do a better and faster job of collecting the required details. Look for the Member Line when you first enter. The Guest/Non-Member Line will be the second line.  

* Whether you are a Member, Non-member, or Guest, exact change helps everybody zoom through the process. Please consult the "Prices" table in the first column and find the package you want. Count out the cash you need or make out your check. Checks should be made out to "SCDC" or "Cash". We do not take Credit Cards.

* If you choose to join the club today, Membership Benefits are available immediately.  A half-year membership is available for $15. It's the same value as the full-year membership, but for a shorter time. All memberships expire on 12/31/19. We will have a brief application ready for you, or copy one from the Website.

* We are looking forward to this event, and we know you are, too. We will open at 1:00 PM for CHECK-IN, so come early, put on your shoes and avoid the last-minute line.


Our attendance is growing, especially at West Coast Swing events. SCDC would like to mention that parking for our events and dances is free and easy. The FOP property has plenty of parking on-site. Parking is clearly marked. Please follow the signs and park to the right or left of the driveway. Avoid blocking  the gravel drive in front of the building. Your courtesy will help us accommodate all of our dancers safely and comfortably, even on busy nights.

Snacks and Goodies

SCDC Event Committee would like to express our appreciation to those Members who bring snacks and home-baked goodies for our snack table on dance nights. We love that the snacks represent the creativity and thoughtfulness of the Members who bring them. The Jeff Mumford event featured a dessert table with home-made cupcakes and cut fruit.. We appreciate the time and commitment required to bring these very special and impressive menus to our club. Thanks to all who have been involved! We LOVE the snacks! .

Volunteers on Summer Vacation

This is the time of year when we all enjoy a vacation away from home. Many of our regular volunteers are away, leaving some of the volunteer slots unfilled at our dance. Here are some opportunities that might interest you:
(1)Volunteers set up all the tables, chairs, decorations, and sound system. After the dance the process is reversed and everything is properly put away for next time.

(2)During the dance volunteers manage the registration desk
(3)Members pick up the club's dance refreshments and keep the refreshments stocked in the kitchen.
(4)Some serve on the Board of Directors, Volunteer Coordinator or Event Committee

.If you have ever considered volunteering, choose a job that sounds like fun, and contact Kathy Madsen (email: ) or Ron (call or text) at (202) 664-0707. Our dancers are able to enjoy a great dance experience because of the SCDC volunteers who are working behind the scenes.Your commitment to help with just a few dances adds up to a great experience for everyone all year long.

SCDC has always shown appreciation to our volunteers by offering a gift of a free admission to Members who come to help for a dance. Free dance admissions can stretch your dance dollars. This gift is our “Thanks” for your help.

Happy Birthday!

August Birthdays--Best Birthday wishes to all our Members who were born in August. Happy Birthday to Michael McGivney, Em Smith, Michelle Goldcamp, Paul Neal and Karen Allen. Have a fabulous Birthday! See you soon on the dance floor!


September Birthdays--Happy Birthday to all our members who were born in September. SCDC sends Birthday wishes to Dave Francisco, Mike Chambliss, Michael Embry, Stephen Fay, Carol Ann Stumpf, Elaine Carpenter and Patience Killen. We wish you the best on your birthday.

2019 IS A GREAT Year

Our membershp rolls and attendance have grown this year. We are excited that so many Florida dancers have decided to become part of our club. We would like to thank all these fabulous professionals who have visited SCDC this year. Not shown are Gary Jobst, Bruce and Beth Perrotta and Drew Sinclair.

*John Lindo (WCS)--HUGE SUCCESS!!
Gary Jobst (WCS) --Great Workshop from a New Neighbor
Drew Sinclair--DJ'd & Fun Lesson at a Country Dance
Beth and Bruce Perotta --Great Dance and Workshop
*Matt Auclair (WCS)--Super Workshops and Party!
Danielle Blouin-Anniversary Party! A HIt in Every Way!
*Jeff Mumford (WCS) Two events--Wow'ed us in July and coming again in August!
Donna Bonheim-Steinfeld -Always Super Fun! A Big HIt with all the dancers!