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November and December 2018 Newsletter

Jeff Mumford returns to SCDC for his fourth visit November 10. Everyone here who has ever met Jeff loves the warmth and genuine friendliness which he shares with every dancer. Our dancers are delighted to greet our friend whenever he visits our club. This year Jeff has moved to Florida. Since Jeff has moved nearer to our club, we hope to see him more often in 2019.

The group workshop event will be on Saturday, November 10. Jeff will lead three Saturday workshops. The dance will be from 7:30 PM until 10:30 PM. The DJ for the dance will be Desie Damaso. Our SCDC dancers always have a great time when Jeff is on the floor, and Desie is one of SCDC's favorite DJ's. Come join us for another outrageously, amazing, fun, fabulous weekend with Jeff!
Schedule for Saturday, November 10
2:00-3:00 PM : Feel Better and Look Better on the dance floor!
3:15-4:15 PM : Side Pass Mania!
Dinner Break
6:30-7:30 PM: Follows Ride Free!
7:30-10:30 PM: Dance with DJ Desie
Prices for the Workshops are:
1 Workshop: $12 member/$15 Non-member
3 workshops: $30 Member/$40 Non-Member
Dance: $8 Member/$12 Non-Member
Jeff will be offering Private Lessons on November 11. There are just a few Private Lessons Available. Contact Ron Smith at (202)664-0707 (Text or voice) or by Facebook Messenger and sign up.

DJ Desie Plays Music for Jeff Mumford Event

SCDC welcomes Desie Damaso Mitchell to DJ this month's WCS dance. Desie has been a big hit with the dancers every time she has visited SCDC. The combination of Jeff Mumford, fabulous dancer, and DJ Desie, fabulous DJ, can't be beat!

Music is predominantly West Coast with some Country and other styles for variety.


New Sign-up Procedure

SCDC is sponsoring tables for the Floorplay New Year's vacation event. SCDC dancers are invited to join our tables for the NYE Floorplay Swing Vacation in Orlando December 28 through January 1. More than thirty dancers have

already signed up. We expect to have four or five full tables with the same great location we have had for several years with easy access to the floor and great views of the shows.
1. To join us please access the website below and purchase your weekend passes (with or without dinner).
2. Then call or text Ron at (202) 664-0707 so that the Floorplay team can match your names to our SCDC tables list.
This is a different procedure from previous years, so if you have questions, please call.  This is a 2-step sign-up to let SCDC know and also the Floorplay staff, to assure that you will be placed at the SCDC tables. We are delighted that you will be dancing with us this year!!

SCDC's Annual Christmas Party is December 8. We welcome all our friends and members to celebrate with us before you hurry off to holiday visits with family and friends. We will have a decorated Christmas tree to enjoy and available for photos. DJ Michael Cassidy will be playing a Holiday Mix with Swing and Country. There will be East Coast favorites, mixers and a line dance (or two) intermixed with your other favorite styles. Of course there will be traditional holiday tunes and smooth favorites. As always, requests are welcome.

Please wear your festive outfit--red and green or sparkles--and enjoy an evening of dancing and fun.
If you would like to bring a dish of finger food, snacks or treats to share, they will be greatly appreciated by all the dancers.
We will be collecting donations of new, unwrapped toys for teens or children at the Christmas Dance. SCDC has a tradition of supporting toy collections in our community. Please bring your toy donation and let's make this year the best ever.

There will not be a second dance in December because our usual fourth Saturday conflicts with the Christmas holiday. If you have already started your holiday out of town or are otherwise unable to join us, we will miss you at the party. Have a wonderful holiday, and know that your SCDC friends will look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Country Dances: Come to Have Fun!

During 2018 Country dancing at SCDC proved to be highly successful.  The music was great, the dancers were energetic, and a genuine good time was had by all.  Ten Country dances are planned for 2019, and we will make them even more fun.
The first dance in January will be a Country dance and will start at 7:00 PM.  This year, we are changing the format to have a short lesson up front with the dance to follow.  During each successive Country dance, we shall quickly review the dance lesson of the last dance event and then teach something new. Also new this year, every Country dance will include a  dance mixer (like the Barn Dance) and at least one dance featuring the new lesson.   Likely, too, will be dances featuring the lessons taught at prior dance events.
Come prepared to have fun.  Although the music will be “Country” music,  we will continue to have a complete mix of West Coast Swing, Cha Cha, Waltz, Night Club, East Coast Swing, and, of course, Two Step.  There is always something for everyone. 

Super Swing was a HUGE HIT!

Jane Harrington returned to DJ for SCDC on October 27. This was Jane's second time to DJ for us this year. Jane wrote: “So excited to be coming back to DJ for SCDC again. The dancers will be burning up the floor dancing to some of the best WCS tunes.” We had more favorable comments about the music than we could count. Several members want her to come back again...and again! We just couldn't get enough of her great music.

DJ Jane Harrington was inducted into the American Bop Hall of Fame September 2018. She is a regular member of the Association of Beach and Shag Club DJs since 1998. She was inducted into the National Living Legends of Dance, Florida Shag Hall of Fame and Tampa Bay Beach Boppers Hall of Fame.

Orange Squeeze in Daytona

November 1-3

The Beach Boppers of Orlando's 29th Annual Swing and Shag Event is November 1 through 3. The event is held at the Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach. The Beach Boppers of Orlando hold this event every year and it is a great party. There is dancing, with a large crowd of very friendly dancers.

The club specializes in shag, but if you know East Coast Swing or West Coast Swing, you can easily dance your favorite. There is outdoor dancing poolside under a cover which includes line dancing and inside dancing at night. There are workshops included. This is a famously fun party. If you are interested in attending, information is on their website:

Dancing in Our Neighborhood

Here are some dance options this month in other studios and clubs around Melbourne.

**New**Saturday Country 2-step with Michael
Michael Cassidy has new Country 2-step lessons on Saturday from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. The cost is $10 per dancer. (GET MAP to Beachside Dance Club). For more information, see Michael Cassidy's Facebook page.(Click Here) or phone 321-652-0745.

USA Dance in Vero :
USA Dance in Vero is having a Formal Ballroom Dance on Thursday, November 15th, at the Heritage Center on 14th Ave. In Vero Beach. It all starts at 7 PM .This month's dance features a very special showcase dance with two of Vero's finest instructors dancing together. Live music will be provided by Janice & Rene. For more information contact Tom Pilero: (828)423-1487.

Friday at Beachside Ballroom:
Michael Cassidy's dances are held at Beachside Dance Club every Friday. Dances include a lesson at 7:00, Open dancing 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm with complimentary beer, wine and refreshments. (GET MAP to Beachside Dance Club). For more information, see Michael Cassidy's Facebook page. (Click Here) or phone 321-652-0745.

First Saturday Every Month at Veterans Memorial Center behind Merritt Square Mall:
USA Dance-Space Coast Chapter has been meeting on Merritt Island. "USA Dance is a national organization devoted to the promotion and preservation of dancing in the USA." They offer a quality program with an equally laudable mission. Their music will include ballroom, Latin and Swing. Please find the time to visit their dance soon and support this organization. For more information:


SCDC Board Meets November 11

The Board of Directors will meet on Sunday, November 11, at 3:00 PM. Location is 802 Ridge Lake Drive, Melbourne, FL 32940. All Members in good standing are welcome to attend. Under the bylaws, Members in good standing are welcome to attend. Members may participate in discussions on the agenda at the Board Meeting, but shall not vote. The bylaws also provide that any Member may petition for an item to be added to the Agenda by written request to the President at least seven days prior to the Board meeting. Any members wishing to add an Agenda item should notify Paul Girard, president, or Anita Dukes, Secretary, by November 3.

Holiday Donations

SCDC has traditionally collected donations for local charities during the holiday season.

Suggested donations are nonperishable food items for Thanksgiving and new, unwrapped toys for teens or children in December. During November and December, we will be collecting your gifts. On November 10 nonperishable food items for Thanksgiving can be placed in the collection box near the sign-in table.  On December 8 unwrapped toys for teens or children can be placed under the Christmas tree. We will collect the items and transport them to the appropriate agency. Watch your email from the club and announcements at the dances for more details about SCDC support of community charitable organizations.

Memberships are Half Price from July to December

The Half-price Membership cost is in effect until December 31 and is only $15. You will save on Jeff Mumford's Workshops and dance in November, and our Christmas Party.

"Like Us On Facebook"

Our Facebook page is now followed by more than 600 members and friends of the club. If you aren't already a member, Click here to see the page. Click on the "Join" button and you are following the club.

Our Facebook group displays our own club events, lessons available from local instuctors, local parties and dances, and events close by and not so close for our traveling members. There are regular posts from pros with dance hints and videos. You can keep up with the dance schedule and great instructors coming soon. It's a great way to stay in touch.

Check Out the Bar/Lounge

Many of our members and guests enjoy the bar/lounge that the FOP has generously opened on dance nights. The prices are very attractive with a good selection. Please check out the bar/lounge and say "Hello" to the bartender. Chip and the other bartenders are volunteers from the FOP that come to assure that we have a great time at the dances. Their support at the bar is another indication of FOP's support of our club.

We know that having a glass of wine or your favorite mixed drink at the dance makes the experience a little more fun. We would like you to know that it is perfectly fine for you to bring your bottle or flask with you and enjoy a beverage at the FOP. If you want to mix a drink, SCDC supplies soft drinks.

Whether you buy from the bar or mix your own, enjoy your drink if you want one, and have a great evening.

Thanks to the Members
Who Fill the Snack Table!

To all of you who are bringing goodies to share--Thank you from the SCDC Event Committee! We have seen sandwiches, several varieties of cookies, cupcakes, a cake and more! Thank you for your contributions. If you love to bake or just feel like sharing a favorite, we would like to encourage you to bring something for the table. We appreciate your donation, and we know the hungry dancers will appreciate it too.

Happy Birthday to Our Members!

Here are the members with birthdays this month. Please wish Happy Birthday to Chris Marcelle, JoAnne Miller, Reggie Foley, Debbie Palmer, Mary Ann Caputo, and Phyllis Lentz. Happy Birthday to Everyone. See you on the dance floor!

Newsletter Contributors

Special Thanks to Harry Mashburn, Kathy Madsen, Em Smith, Ron Smith, Joan Silvester, Diane Moon and Carol Girard, who contributed to this Newsletter and who often offer news, comments and support. If you have an item to share in the newsletter, please contact a Board Member or any of the members listed above.

Thanks to Our Volunteers

Special Thanks go to our members who help set up before the dance, put away the tables and chairs after the dance and keep the snack table filled. Our club is a special group that shares the responsibilities that come with managing dances. Much of the work takes place behind the scenes to keep the dances running smoothly and bring you the dance experiences you love. If you would like to get to know your club friends better, there is no better way than to get involved as a volunteer. Get in touch with Ron Smith at (202) 664-0707 (Text or voice) and let us know what you would like to do. It's fun and we appreciate your contribution.

Calendar Highlights
SCDC Dance Parties and Events in November and December

For more information or directions to the event, see the SCDC Calendar. Dances or other club events are held on Saturdays from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm at the Melbourne FOP. Meet a friendly group of people, dance to some great tunes on a 2200 square foot dance floor and enjoy the evening in a smoke-free setting. Admission is $8.00/Members, $12.00/Non-Members for dances. Prices will be adjusted for Events or special occasions. For directions, click here.

SCDC Board Meeting
Sunday, November 11, 3:00 PM--The SCDC Board of Directors will meet and discuss the progress of the club during 2018 and planning for 2019. Under the bylaws, Members in good standing are welcome to attend.

SCDC WCS Workshop Event with Instructor Jeff Mumford
Saturday, November 10, Three Workshops--2:00 PM to 7:30 PM, and a Dance with DJ Desie Damaso Mitchell--7:30 pm – 10:30 pm.

Schedule for Saturday, November 10:

2:00-3:00 PM : Feel Better and Look Better on the dance floor!
3:15-4:15 PM : Side Pass Mania!
Dinner Break
6:30-7:30 PM: Follows Ride Free!
7:30-10:30 PM: Dance with DJ Desie

Prices for the Workshops are:

1 Workshop: $12 Member/$15 Non-Member
3 workshops: $30 Member/$40 Non-Member
Dance: $8 Member/$12 Non-Member

SCDC WCS Private Lessons with Instructor Jeff Mumford
Sunday, November 11, Private Lessons--9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

There are just a few Private Lessons Available. Contact Ron Smith at (202)664-0707 (Text or voice) and sign up.

SCDC Christmas Party
Saturday, December 8, 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm. Dance with DJ Michael Cassidy. Music will include Swing and Country, with Holiday tunes and Mixers and a variety of styles. Requests always welcome.

Dances are held at:
1049 Julia Drive, Melbourne, FL 32935 Get Map

Space Coast Dance Club mailing address is:
Space Coast Dance Club, 802 Ridge Lake Drive, Melbourne, FL 32940

Space Coast Dance Club telephone: 321-544-5160

Space Coast Dance Club Email Address:

Space Coast Dance Club Website:

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2018 SCDC Board

Paul Girard - President
Ron Smith - Vice President
Anita Dukes-Secretary
Carol Girard -Treasurer
Steve Dandeneau
Reggie Foley
Eric Franke
Harry Mashburn
Hoot Wiseman