Thanks to the FOP for opening their Bar/Lounge During Dances For Our Enjoyment!

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October 2017 Newsletter



Private Lessons With Fabulous Pros

SCDC strives to bring top tier dance pros and teachers to the club and we are very proud of the reception our choices have had from the dance community this year. These professionals, Jerome and Bonnie Subey on October 14-15 and Jeff Mumford on November 10-12, are offering Private lessons at great prices, and you will be impressed by their abilities. If you have never had a Private lesson from a top pro, you will love the experience.

October 14-15: Jerome and Bonnie Subey:
The Subeys' are remarkable dancers and their teaching skills are even more remarkable. Price is $70 for either Bonnie or Jerome, or $120 for both.

November 10-12: Jeff Mumford:
Jeff is teaching at SCDC for the third time, and most of us know him and are very impressed with Jeff personally and professionally. Jeff's lessons are very popular. Price is $70 for a Private lesson with Jeff.

Private lessons are available Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday morning, and all day Sunday. Please contact

Dandeneau at or Ron Smith at for scheduling or send either Steve or Ron a request via Facebook Messenger.

Many of you go to Floorplay New Year's dance in Orlando for your New Year celebration. This year there will be three tables for SCDC and Melbourne dancers. We are already making plans for the holiday. Our tables are numbers 8, 28, and 29 viewable on the Floorplay New Year Vacation website. If you have had a seat at one of our tables in prior years, you know how much fun we have. If you would like to share a table with your friends, we would like you to join us. If you have not already saved your seats, please call/text Ron at (202) 664-0707 to reserve your place.

Orange Squeeze November 2 - 4

The Beach Boppers of Orlando's 28th Annual Swing and Shag Event is November 2 through 4. The event is held at the Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach. The Beach Boppers, who often visit us at SCDC, hold this event every year and it is a great party. There is dancing, with some meals provided and very friendly dancers. The club specializes in shag, but if you know East Coast Swing or West Coast Swing, you can easily dance your favorite. The registration price of $80 includes dinner on Thursday night and lunches on Friday and Saturday. The meals are buffet style and very good. There is outdoor dancing poolside under a cover which includes line dancing and inside dancing at night. There are workshops included. This is a famously fun party. If you are interested in attending, please phone 1-866-500-5630 or 386-255-4471.

We Love the Bar/Lounge!

Many thanks to Chip, the FOP bartender who most often is in charge of the Bar/Lounge at our dances, and to all the FOP bartenders that come to our dances. Many of our members and guests enjoy the lounge and bar that the FOP has generously opened on dance nights. The prices are very attractive with a good selection. Please check out the bar/lounge and say "Hello" to the bartender. Chip and the other bartenders are volunteers from the FOP that come to assure that we have a great time at the dances. Their support at the bar is another indication of FOP's support of our club.

As always, if you prefer, you may bring your own bottle from home. SCDC supplies soft drinks.



Have you joined SCDC's Facebook group? If your answer is "Not Yet", go to facebook. Type "Space Coast Dance Club" in the "Search for people, places and things" field or Click here to see the page. Just click on the "Join" button and you are following the club.

Joining the Facebook group is a great way to make sure you don't miss anything. SCDC has a Facebook site that shows our own club events, lessons available from local instuctors, local parties and dances, and events close by and not so close for our traveling members. We also have regular posts from pros with dance hints and videos. You can keep up with the dances and great instructors coming soon. It's a fun place to visit if you love dance.

October Birthdays

We have eight members with birthdays this month. Please wish Happy Birthday to Willy Willems, John Wilson, Linda Weisrock, Bonnie Kramer, Lee Ann Winters, Sandy Mashburn, Sandra Wilkins and Valerie Dunn. We wish you a very Happy Birthday. See you dancing this month.

Newsletter Contributors

Special Thanks to Kathy Madsen, Em Smith, Ron Smith, Joan Silvester, Diane Moon and Carol Girard, who contributed to this Newsletter and who often offer news, comments and support. If you have an item to share in the newsletter, please contact a Board Member or any of the members listed above.

Thanks to Our Volunteers

Special Thanks go to these members who help set up before the dance, put away the tables and chairs after the dance and keep the snack table filled. Our club is a special group that shares the responsibilities that come with managing dances. Much of the work takes place behind the scenes to keep the dances running smoothly and bring you the dance experiences you love. If you would like to get to know your club friends better, there is no better way than to get involved as a volunteer. Get in touch with Ron Smith at (202) 664-0707 (Text or voice) and let us know what you would like to do. It's fun and we appreciate your contribution.

Jerome and Bonnie Subey Lead Workshops October 14-15

Jerome and Bonnie Subey will lead a Workshop weekend with three workshops on Saturday, October 14. The workshops are scheduled at 2:00-3:00 PM, 3:15-4:15 PM and 6:30-7:30 PM. The dance will be from 7:30 PM until 10:30 PM. The DJ for the dance will be Desie Damaso. If you have seen them perform, we know the only reaction is “WOW!” They are supreme artists as performers and great teachers. They connect with their students to provide clear, immediate coaching. They help each and every dancer in the group be better right away. They are also funny, dynamic and generous with their knowledge of great social dancing. Every class and lesson with Jerome and Bonnie creates big smiles and a fun attitude all around. Jerome's technique and discipline complements Bonnie's artistry, versatility and perceptiveness to form a remarkable partnership.

Price for a Single Workshop is $12 member/$15 non-member. Price for all three workshops is $30 for Members/$40 for Non-Members. Admission to the dance is the usual price: $7 for Members/$10 for Non-Members.

Check-In at the Event Workshops

We are expecting a crowd and making plans to accommodate you with minimum waiting. Please bring cash or a check made out to "SCDC" or "Cash" and cannot accept credit cards. We will open at 1:15 PM for CHECK-IN, so come early, put on your shoes and avoid the last-minute line.
There will be
an EXPRESS CHECK-IN LINE for dancers with EXACT CHANGE OR CHECK. Please note the table below so that you can take advantage of this benefit.

Three lessons + Dance $37
One Lesson + Dance $19
Dance $ 7

Three lessons + Dance $50
One Lesson + Dance $25
Dance $10
Other Combinations of lesson and dance prices will be available in the All-Option line.  Non-Members who join will receive the Member price at this event and all other events and dances remaining this year. MEMBERSHIP FOR THE SECOND HALF YEAR IS $12. Welcome to all our Members and Guests to this very exciting weekend. 

Beach Boppers of Orlando Travel to SCDC on October 28

On October 28 SCDC will celebrate the music of the 50's and 60's, dancing to a lively mix of East Coast, West Coast Swing, a bit of beach music, along with our usual mixers and some smooth dances. Frank Umont, a Beach Bopper DJ, will spin the tunes. A group from Beach Boppers of Orlando will be joining us for the evening. The Beach Boppers are a high energy fun-loving group of dancers that we welcome to our dances.

Jeff Mumford Leads an Event Weekend November 10-11-12

November 10-12: Jeff Mumford returns to SCDC for his third visit November 10, 11 and 12. Everyone here who has ever met Jeff loves the warmth and genuine friendliness which he shares with every dancer. Our dancers are delighted to greet our friend whenever he visits our club. Due to the heavy demand for private lesson slots last year, we have added extra time on Friday, November 10 so that more dancers can take advantage of Jeff's terrific teaching. The group workshop event will be on Saturday, November 11. Jeff will lead three Saturday workshops--2:00-3:00 PM, 3:15-4:15 PM, and 6:30-7:30 PM. The dance will be from 7:30PM until 10:30PM. The DJ for the dance will be Anne Rohrer. Our SCDC dancers always have a great time when Jeff is on the floor. Come join us for another outrageously, amazing, fun, fabulous weekend with Jeff!

Event Committee Announces Plans for 2018

SCDC's Event Committee, which is the working team that organizes SCDC activities, has made plans for the upcoming year. For 2018 the committee is planning nineteen dances plus six workshop events, a total of 25 fun dance activities. The committee is pleased to announce that our club has commitments from all six planned 2018 workshop instructors. There will be lots of fan-favorites returning for 2018 SCDC workshops:

February 24, 2018: Tommy Gibbs & Renee Lipman return for their third SCDC visit. Our dancers cannot get enough of these two creative and fun teachers. And YES, Renee has agreed to another Ladies Styling Workshop at SCDC on Sunday, February 25!

March 24, 2018: Jimmy & Cindy Formelio make their first Melbourne visit in several years. It has been too long! And, BTW, Jimmy & Cindy still hold the Guinness Book record for most consecutive pirouettes. Come spin with Jimmie and Cindy.

April 28, 2018: Kay Newhouse & Matt Smith return from Washington DC for their second visit. SCDC introduced these two fabulous teachers to the Florida dance community last year and it was love at first dance. They are coming back for more and bigger shenanigans with a great set of workshops and party.

August 25, 2018: PJ Turner. BOOM!! The PJ event in 2017 was our biggest workshop weekend ever. Will PJ cut loose again next year? We say again: BOOM.

September 29, 2018: Shawn Swaithes and Donna Bonham-Steinfeld return with their popular Swing/Country format and great teaching style. Nationally famous as competitors and teachers, they only had one open weekend slot in 2018 and we booked it! Also…Shawn will DJ again this year. Best mix ever. ·

November 10, 2018: Jeff Mumford returns. He lives in Chicago but for us this is Homecoming. To the rest of the world he is the best Social Dancer anywhere. To SCDC he is family.

Thanks to all of the hard working members of the Event Committee for making every year special at SCDC: Steve Dandeneau, Eileen Duchon, Anita Dukes, Reggie Foley, Dave Francisco, Carol Girard, Paul Girard, Michele Holm, Harry Mashburn, Sandy Mashburn, Joan Silvester, Em Smith and Ron Smith. Watch Facebook and this Newsletter for details on these upcoming 2018 workshops and many other exciting dates on the 2018 SCDC calendar. We are very excited about a big year of dancing with all of our SCDC members and friends from all over Florida and the country.

And in case you haven't heard….

Space Coast Dance Club, starting January 13th, is bringing MORE Country-Western dancing! You'll be able to Line Dance, 2-Step and kick up your heels in a Round Dance or two while enjoying a mix of both old and new Country music. Plans are being made to have a variety of lessons prior to each of the (9) scheduled dances and you can expect to participate in a dance mixer or two throughout the evening. Polish up your boots, dig out that old hat, mark your calendar and tell your friends that Country-Western dancing is making a comeback! Stay tuned for more details.

The SCDC Floor is Now Better Than Ever

In August, our friends at N-Hance Wood Renewal in Melbourne performed the one-year maintenance on the SCDC floor. They polished the floor, removed the uneven wear and produced a smooth, uniform, danceable surface that will last for years to come. We appreciate their hard work to keep the floor in top condition as one of the best places to dance in all of Florida. The finish is beautiful, easy-dancing from corner-to-corner. Thanks so much N-Hance for a great job!

There's a New Dance Venue with Jerry Morrison

Jerry Morrison has started hosting a West Coast Swing dance at Melbourne Ballroom on Wickham Road every Monday from 8 PM to 10 PM. Jerry has been part of SCDC and the Melbourne dance scene for many years and has been one of our favorite dance instructors.

Jerry's dance is cleverly organized to be supportive of all levels of dancers. Jerry keeps the music playing while offering a brief coaching session with anyone who wants it. The coaching is individualized and useful and does not interfere with those who are dancing. At the most recent dance there were some beginners and some more experienced dancers. Jerry gave every dancer helpful hints or basic instruction as needed. He also shared several moves and techniques with the whole group.

Cost is $10 per person with no extra charge for the coaching, what a bargain! Jerry says "Come share your love for West Coast Swing. I am there to help new and established gain more love of this dance."

Michael Cassidy's Dances Every Friday

Michael's dances are held at Beachside Dance Club every Friday. Dances include a lesson at 7:00, Open dancing 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm with complimentary beer, wine and refreshments. (GET MAP to Beachside Dance Club). For more information, see Michael Cassidy's Facebook page. (Click Here) or phone 321-652-0745. SCDC posts information about Michael's dances on our Facebook page.

Previews of Future Dances and Events

Below is the schedule planned for SCDC dances and workshop events through December. The event committee has planned a variety of dances and events. Mark your calendar so you don't miss your favorites and don't forget to try something new.

Calendar Highlights
SCDC Dance Parties and Events in October

For more information or directions to the event, see the SCDC Calendar. Dances or other club events are held on Saturdays from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at the Melbourne FOP. Meet a friendly group of people, dance to some great tunes on a 2200 square foot dance floor and enjoy the evening in a smoke-free setting. Admission is $7.00/Members, $10.00/Non-Members. For directions, click here.

SCDC Presents West Coast Swing Workshops Featuring Bonnie and Jerome Subey
Saturday, October 14, Workshops at 2:00 pm, 3:15 pm and 6:30 pm. After the afternoon workshops you are invited to join us for dinner at a local restaurant.

SCDC Dance
Saturday, October 14, Dance--7:30pm – 10:30pm. Space Coast Dance Club Workshops and Dance will be held at the FOP. Music will be mostly West Coast Swing, including Country, Night Club 2, East Coast Swing and Cha Cha. Join us to welcome Bonnie and Jerome Subey.

Bonnie and Jerome Subey Private Lessons
Saturday, October 14 and Sunday, October 15, Bonnie and Jerome Subey will be teaching private lessons by appointment. If you would like one of the remaining lessons, please contact Ron Smith, or phone/text 202-664-0707 or Steve Dandeneau at or Facebook Message.

SCDC 50's & 60's Dance
Saturday, October 28
Dance--7:30pm – 10:30pm. 50's & 60's Dance held at the FOP, 1049 Julia Drive,
Melbourne, FL 32935. The music will be mostly Swing with an Oldies flavor. There will be some mixers and line dances. There will also be a variety of selections so you will be able to dance all your favorite styles. As always, the DJ will be glad to take requests.

Dances are held at:
1049 Julia Drive, Melbourne, FL 32935 Get Map

Space Coast Dance Club mailing address is:
Space Coast Dance Club, 802 Ridge Lake Drive, Melbourne, FL 32940

Space Coast Dance Club telephone: 321-544-5160

Space Coast Dance Club Email Address:

Space Coast Dance Club Website:

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2017 SCDC Board

Paul Girard - President
Ron Smith - Vice President
Anita Dukes-Secretary
Carol Girard -Treasurer
Steve Dandeneau
Reggie Foley
Dave Francisco
Michele Holm