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September 2018 Newsletter

September 22--No SCDC Dance due to FOP Event/Meeting

Country Dance Workshops for Social Dancers

Shawn and Donna on the FIFTH Saturday, September 29!

Shawn Swaithes and Donna Bonham-Steinfeld will lead a workshop series and dance on September 29 and private lessons on September 30. Donna has made a Country Dance Workshop plan just for SCDC that is directed toward the Social Dancer. There will be Cha Cha, Night Club and Two-Step workshops to help the Social Dancer feel more confident and relaxed on the dance floor. We are always charmed by Shawn and Donna's teaching style which will make the workshops a treat. This is the third visit to SCDC by these two exceptional instructors, who are big favorites at SCDC. The dance starts at 7:30 with DJ Shawn bringing a fabulous Swing/Country mix. Don't miss the workshops and this Party.

Shawn and Donna will be available for private lessons at the FOP on Sunday, September 30. Please contact Ron Smith at (202)664-0707 (phone or text) for scheduling a private lesson or send him a request via Facebook Messenger.

Schedule for Saturday, September 29:

2:00-3:00 PM Cha Cha for the Social Dancer
3:15-4:15 PM Night Club for the Social Dancer
Dinner Break
6:30-7:30 PM Two step for the Social Dancer
7:30-10:30 PM Dance with DJ Shawn Swaithes

Prices for the Workshops are:

1 Workshop: $12 Member/$15 Non-Member
3 workshops: $30 Member/$40 Non-Member
Dance: $8 Member/$12 Non-Member


The Annual Membership Meeting will take place before the Country Dance on October 13 at . The Annual Membership Meeting is one of the main opportunities for our members (currently 130 strong) to exercise their voice in the operation of SCDC. The SCDC Board of Directors and committee leaders will provide information about the progress of the club during 2018 and planning for 2019. Learn about plans for future dances, instructor events, and special activities. If you have a question, suggestion, or concern, please come to the meeting and be involved in making SCDC even better

Let's Go to the MALL BALL!

On September 30 SCDC will join with USA Dance and other Brevard County dance groups for Mall Ball 2018 at the Merritt Square Mall. This is a public event designed to showcase the joys and benefits of dance to our community. The dance floor will be open from 1-3pm. SCDC dancers are invited to come and enjoy the music and dancing in a wide variety of styles. During this event Brevard studios and clubs, including SCDC, will demonstrate a wide range of dance styles and promote many dance activities available in Brevard. Several Board and Event Committee members will be there to promote SCDC and the dance community with information about upcoming events and dances.

All of our dancers are invited. Please plan to drop by to enjoy a few dances and enjoy this social time with our Brevard community. Members who would like to help with the SCDC table on this fun Sunday should contact Anita Dukes, SCDC secretary at 321-332-4198 or Email .

SCDC Board Met in August

The Board of Directors met on Sunday, August 26. The Board discussed a number of issues, including 2019 budget and guidelines for the Event Committee Plan. Harry Mashburn was appointed Nominating Chairman for 2018-2019 to find volunteers for the SCDC Board for 2019. Under the bylaws, Members in good standing are welcome to attend Board Meetings. Members may participate in discussions on the agenda, but shall not vote. The bylaws also provide that any Member may petition for an item to be added to the Agenda by written request to the President at least seven days prior to the Board meeting. The next Board event is the Membership Meeting on October 13.

Event Committee Met September 9

Events featuring Shawn Swaithes and Donna Bonham-Steinfeld in September and Jeff Mumford in November are the final events of 2018. This year has been very successful for SCDC, with increasing attendance at both dances and events, including a new single-event record: 130 dancers for John Lindo. A highly successful Country dance program on the Second Saturday continues to thrive and grow. To continue this tradition, the Event Committee met in September to start planning for 2019. The Committee reviewed key dates for 2019 workshops, parties and celebrations. SCDC also started work on an exciting slate of West Coast Swing instructors and DJs for all dances for the 2019 schedule. Our West Coast instructor program was well supported by the dance community. We are looking forward to another great year. If you have ideas or suggestions for next year's program, please contact Ron Smith at (202) 664-0707 voice or text.

September 8 Was the Eighth Country Dance!

The 8th Country dance of the 2018 season was held on September 8th with Michael Cassidy as our DJ.  The line dance lesson was taught at 6:45 PM by Hoot Wiseman. We had a grand time with lot's of good music.

Michael Cassidy DJ's September 8

Michael Cassidy from "Dancing with Michael" was the DJ for September 8. Our dancers enjoy Michael's regular Country dances at Beachside Dance Club. We are happy to host Michael for a night of dancing to his choice of Country tunes.

PJ Turner

West Coast Swing

Came to SCDC In August

PJ Turner returned to SCDC for workshops on August 25 and private lessons on August 24, 25 and 26. The PJ Turner event brought West Coast dancers from all over the state. There is no one better than PJ for enthusiasm, energy, and personality. He brings his dance experience to the floor as well as his warmth and energy—which is why we love him so much. SCDC welcomed a big response to PJ from the Florida dance community. DJ was Anne Marie. Her music made the dance SUPER FUN!

Kathy wrote: "BOOM! That was a great event. Thanks to all responsible for bringing Pj Turner to the club. Wonderful workshops and a great dance. Fun."

Thanks to PJ and Anne Marie for a great party!!

Dancing in Melbourne

Here are some dance options this month in other studios and clubs around Melbourne.

Monday West Coast Swing Dancing with Michael
Michael Cassidy has new “Beyond the Basics” West Coast Swing lessons on Monday nights from 7:45 PM to 8:45 PM. This class is different every week, and includes new and exciting stuff for more experienced social dancers. Michael asks that you are familiar and comfortable with the basics of West Coast Swing social dancing for this class. The cost is $10 per dancer.

Friday at Beachside Ballroom:
Michael Cassidy's dances are held at Beachside Dance Club every Friday. Dances include a lesson at 7:00, Open dancing 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm with complimentary beer, wine and refreshments. (GET MAP to Beachside Dance Club). For more information, see Michael Cassidy's Facebook page. (Click Here) or phone 321-652-0745.

First Saturday Every Month at Veterans Memorial Center behind Merritt Square Mall:
USA Dance-Space Coast Chapter has a new home on Merritt Island. "USA Dance is a national organization devoted to the promotion and preservation of dancing in the USA." We know this organization from Melbourne and from other locations where we have lived or visited. They offer a quality program with an equally laudable mission. Their music will include ballroom, Latin and Swing. Please find the time to visit their dance soon and support this organization. For more information:

Thanks to Our Volunteers

Special Thanks go to our members who help set up before the dance, put away the tables and chairs after the dance and keep the snack table filled. Our club is a special group that shares the responsibilities that come with managing dances. Much of the work takes place behind the scenes to keep the dances running smoothly and bring you the dance experiences you love. If you would like to get to know your club friends better, there is no better way than to get involved as a volunteer. Get in touch with Ron Smith at (202) 664-0707 (Text or voice) and let us know what you would like to do. It's fun and we appreciate your contribution.


Memberships are Half Price from July to December

The Half-price Membership Cost is in affect until December 31 and is only $15. The savings on the Workshops on the two upcoming West Coast Swing and Swing/Country Events will be huge! Get your Membership before the Shawn and Donna Event and get benefits for the rest of the year!


Amazing Pro Instructors

We have had lots of positive feedback from West Coast Swing fans, both Members and guests, who took Private lessons from one or more of our visiting pros. We are proud to offer the opportunity for our dancers to get personal attention from world class professionals. Private lessons really are for everyone.

If you love the special West Coast Events and would like to support them, here's something you can do: Choose your favorite pro and sign up for a Private lesson. Private Lessons supplement the Pro's earnings from the club and give the instructors more opportunity for work when they come. If you are unsure whom to choose for your lesson, ask Ron when you call and he can offer suggestions depending upon what your goals are for the lesson. There are still a few Private Lessons available for each of the upcoming events. You will be helping to support our program as well as enjoying a great learning experience. Contact Ron Smith at (202) 664-0707 (Text or voice) and sign up.


Check Out the Bar/Lounge

Many of our members and guests enjoy the bar/lounge that the FOP has generously opened on dance nights. The prices are very attractive with a good selection. Please check out the bar/lounge and say "Hello" to the bartender. Chip and the other bartenders are volunteers from the FOP that come to assure that we have a great time at the dances. Their support at the bar is another indication of FOP's support of our club.

We know that having a glass of wine or your favorite mixed drink at the dance makes the experience a little more fun. We would like you to know that it is perfectly fine for you to bring your bottle or flask with you and enjoy a beverage at the FOP. If you want to mix a drink, SCDC supplies soft drinks.

Whether you buy from the bar or mix your own, enjoy your drink if you want one, and have a great evening.



Here are the members with birthdays this month. Please wish Happy Birthday to Dave Francisco, Patience Killen, Elaine Carpenter, Stephen Fay, Susanna Dayton, and Margaret Hicks. Happy Birthday! See you on the dance floor!

Newsletter Contributors

Special Thanks to Harry Mashburn, Kathy Madsen, Em Smith, Ron Smith, Joan Silvester, Diane Moon and Carol Girard, who contributed to this Newsletter and who often offer news, comments and support. If you have an item to share in the newsletter, please contact a Board Member or any of the members listed above.

584 Facebook


584 dancers and pros are members of our Facebook Group. Our group has grown by 16 members in the last Month! If you aren't already a member, Click here to see the page. Click on the "Join" button and you are following the club.

Our Facebook group displays our own club events, lessons available from local instuctors, local parties and dances, and events close by and not so close for our traveling members. There are regular posts from pros with dance hints and videos. You can keep up with the dance schedule and great instructors coming soon. It's a great way to stay in touch.


Snacks and Goodies

To all of you who are bringing goodies to share--Thank you from the SCDC Event Committee! We have seen sandwiches, several varieties of cookies, cupcakes, a cake and more! Thank you for your contributions.

If you love to bake or just feel like sharing a favorite, we would like to encourage you to bring something for the table. We appreciate your donation, and we know the hungry dancers will appreciate it too.

Previews of Future Dances and Events

Below is the schedule planned for SCDC dances for this month. The Event Committee has planned a variety of dances and events. Check out the amazing Guest Instructors who are visiting at SCDC this year. Mark your calendar so you don't miss your favorites and don't forget to try something new.

Here's a link to SCDC's 2018 schedule to help you plan:

Calendar Highlights
SCDC Dance Parties and Events in September

For more information or directions to the event, see the SCDC Calendar. Dances or other club events are held on Saturdays from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm. at the Melbourne FOP. Meet a friendly group of people, dance to some great tunes on a 2200 square foot dance floor and enjoy the evening in a smoke-free setting. Admission is $8.00/Members, $12.00/Non-Members. For directions, click here.

Swing/Country Workshops with Shawn Swaithes and Donna Bonham-Steinfeld Saturday, September 29: The workshops will be amazing and the dance will be SUPER FUN! Don't miss this one!

Schedule for Saturday, September 29:

2:00-3:00 PM Cha Cha for the Social Dancer
3:15-4:15 PM Night Club for the Social Dancer
Dinner Break
6:30-7:30 PM Two step for the Social Dancer
7:30-10:30 PM Dance with DJ Shawn Swaithes

Prices for the Workshops are:

1 Workshop: $12 Member/$15 Non-Member
3 workshops: $30 Member/$40 Non-Member
Dance: $8 Member/$12 Non-Member

SCDC Swing/Country Dance with Shawn and Donna
Saturday, September 29 , Dance--7:30 pm – 10:30 pm.
Shawn Swaithes will play a mix of West Coast Swing (WCS) and Country Music. Anyone who attends the First Saturday dances in Orlando will tell you that the music is always upbeat and fun. See schedule above.

Dances are held at:
1049 Julia Drive, Melbourne, FL 32935 Get Map

Space Coast Dance Club mailing address is:
Space Coast Dance Club, 802 Ridge Lake Drive, Melbourne, FL 32940

Space Coast Dance Club telephone: 321-544-5160

Space Coast Dance Club Email Address:

Space Coast Dance Club Website:

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2018 SCDC Board

Paul Girard - President
Ron Smith - Vice President
Anita Dukes-Secretary
Carol Girard -Treasurer
Steve Dandeneau
Reggie Foley
Harry Mashburn